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Kick Off

On Ramp is¬†CrossFit Mossel Bay’s Fundamentals/Beginners program.
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Our WOD/programming at CrossFit Mossel Bay is ideal for anyone in their CrossFit journey who wants to have a well rounded fitness level.
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What will FitKids do for them? We focus on the following things:
Functional Fitness Development
Physical Fitness and Health
Teamwork and Social Skills
Goal Setting and Discipline
Mental Toughness and Resilience
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Personal Training

If you prefer 1 on 1 sessions to the class set up, then Personal Training is available on request.
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Forged Fitness

Group fitness focussing on High Intensity Interval Training. We use body weight movements along with accessory weight to give you the fitness experience CrossFit offers without the technical gymnastics and weightlifting movements. 45min duration, 3 times a week.
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