On Ramp

On Ramp/Beginner’s Classes

What is On Ramp

On Ramp is CrossFit Mossel Bay’s Fundamentals/Beginners program. Just like a highway on ramp gives you chance filter into the fast paced traffic, our On Ramp program is where your CrossFit journey begins. During On Ramp you will join others new to CrossFit in a small class setting where it is safe and non-intimidating. Together you will all learn the lingo of CrossFit, how to set up your workouts, the most common movements, and how to modify or scale your workout to your ability. We will review subjects such as, What is CrossFit, Nutrition, Recovery, and Recording Your Progress. When you join the regular classes you can enter with confidence and the tools you need for this journey.

When is On Ramp

The On Ramp series consists of 4 weeks (12 sessions: 3 x week) and is required for any person new to CrossFit before joining our regular classes. We schedule your PT classes how and when it suits you and your Coach. When you decide you love it and want to join, you can choose one of our offered packages. This gives you an opportunity to experience our box before working with a coach to figure out which membership package suits your needs best. Fill out our indemnity form and book your On Ramp sessions.

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